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Uncovering Student Thinking in Mathematics- 25 K-12 Formative Assessment Probes

The 10 assessment probes in the "Number and Operations" section of this book can be used as a CTS application to examine student thinking after conducting a CTS. Additionally, the teacher background notes provide valuable information on instructional implications (CTS Section II) and research on learning (CTS Section III). For example, the "Comparing FRactions" probe can be used with the "Fractions" CTS to examine student work related to part-whole relationships when comparing fractions.

Bibliographic Citation: 
Rose, C., Minton, L., and Arline, C. 2007. Uncovering student thinking in mathematics- 25 formative assessment probes. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Building a Foundation for Learning Algebra in the Elementary Grades

The research summarized in this Volume of In Brief focuses on the ability of elementary students to reason algebraically. The articles can be used with CTS Section IV.

Bibliographic Citation: 
In Brief Volume 1,Number 2 (2000). Wisconsin Center for Educational Research Madison, Wisconsin: http://www.wcer.wisc.edu/ncisla/publications/briefs/fall2000.pdf

Balancing Act: The Truth behind the Equals Sign

This article illustrates the misconceptions that students have when using the equals sign and describes an activity used with students to develop the foundation for an accurate conception of equivalency. The author states that developing an accurate understanding of the equal sign is the basis for comprehending equations and inequalities. This article could be used to supplement the readings from sections II and IV.

Bibliographic Citation: 
Mann, Rebecca L. (2004) Balancing Act: The Truth behind the Equals Sign. Teaching Children Mathematics Journal 11(2) pg. 65
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