Mathematics CTS Crosswalks

Since the publication of Mathematics Curriculum Topic Study in 2006, a new resource has been added to the study guides: The Atlas of Science Literacy- Volume 2 (used with CTS Section V). 

The Atlas of Science Literacy- Volume 2 completes the rest of the AAAS/Project 2061 "Growth in Understanding" strand maps used with CTS Section V. Since these maps are not listed on the 2006 CTS study guides, a crosswalk has been created that links all of the mathematics Atlas maps with the corresponding CTS study guides. You can download a copy of the Mathematics Crosswalk to the Atlas of Science Literacy Volume 1 and 2 by clicking here. The Atlas of science Literacy Volume 2 also contains updated summaries of the research used with CTS Section IV.


Since the publication of CTS, two newer national standards documents have been released that can be used with or instead of the NCTM Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. These documents include the NCTM K-8 Focal Points and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Crosswalks to each of these documents have been developed to use with Section III of a CTS study guide. To download a Crosswalk to the K-8 NCTM Focal Points, click here. To download a Crosswalk to the Common Core Mathematics Standards, click here.


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