Designing Professional Development for Teachers of Science and Mathematics

This book is a recommended companion resource to the Science and Mathematics CTS Leader's Guides. Co-authored by Susan Mundry, lead author of A Leader's Guide to Science Curriculum Topic Study and co-author of A Leader's Guide to Mathematics Curriculum Topic Study, this book is one of the most widely cited resources in science and mathematics professional development. In addition to providing the background on the theory and practice of effective professional development, the book describes a framework for designing effective professional development in which CTS is one of the strategies for professional learning that can be used within the "Plan and Do" section of the framework. Sixteen strategies for professional learning are described in the book. CTS has a section in the book and is described as a professional development strategy that can stand alone or be embedded in any of the other fifteen strategies. Nine of these strategies have their own CTS-specific sections  in the CTS Leader's Guides including:

  • CTS Action Research (Science CTS Leader's Guide only)
  • CTS Study Groups of PLC's
  • Collaborative Inquiry Into Examining Student Thinking (CIEST)
  • CTS Integrated Lesson Study (Science CTS Leader's Guide only)
  • Case Discussion (Mathematics CTS Leader's Guide only)
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • CTS Seminars
  • CTS Video Demonstration Lessons

THis book is available through Corwin Press.