Science Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities for Science Teaching- Lessons from Research and Practice, was commissioned during CTS author Page Keeley's term as NSTA President as an NSTA Press book. The book addressed a central theme of her NSTA presidency- transforming professional development. Susan Mundry, CTS lead author of the Leader's Guide to Science Curriculum Topic Study and co-author of A Leader's Guide to Mathematics Curriculum Topic Study, served as the editor along with co-editor, Katherine Stiles.  The book shares the experiences and models of educators who have incorporated PLC's into their schools and districts. Specifically it addresses how PLC's have been used to enhance the professional learning of science teachers. The book also suggests CTS as one of the essential tools for science PLC's. This resource may be used to supplement the Study Groups and Professional Learning Communities section in Chapter 7 of the Leader's Guide to Science Curriculum Topic Study. The book can be ordered through the NSTA Store.